[01/08/2022]: Our papers, “Deep Neural Networks for Quantile Estimation of Renewable Regional Energy Production” and “Direct Estimation of Prediction Intervals for Solar and Wind Regional Energy Forecasting with Deep Neural Networks” have been published in Applied Intelligence and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, respectively. Check them out here.

[08/07/2022]: Two working papers have been published during the last months: “Optimal day-ahead offering strategy for large producers based on market price response learning”, and “On data-driven chance constraint learning for mixed-integer optimization problems”.

[01/12/2021]: I’ve been granted the FPU fellowship by the Spanish Universities Ministries. This is a highly competitive fellowship (only 15 opportunities for predoctoral researchers in mathematical fields) that will allow me to develop my research as a Ph.D. candidate in Mathematical Engineering at UC3M. I will be supervised by Prof. Carlos Ruiz Mora to work in data-driven optimization methods for solving energy market problems.

[15/01/2021]: From January 2021, I’m starting a new position as a research assistant for the Computer Science Department at UC3M, under the supervision of professors Ricardo Aler and Inés M. Galván. We will work in probabilistic forecasting methods and we will apply our advances in the field of renewable energy forecasting.